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Best Hair Extensions & Lashes!

Best Hair Extensions & Lashes

Fancy I Know eStudio!

This was created to provide resources about hair, beauty, and wellness from a hairstylist perspective. Since everyone can't always make it into a salon, at least there's an online space for you to have access to what ladies are getting their hand on. There is so much pressure to look a certain way, but no one really shares the ins and outs of feeling good on a daily basis, while slaying at the same time. Here, you have a safe haven for you get assistance in beautifying your lifestyle. Founder, and active hairstylist Ana Fraser knows what it's like trying to balance looking and feeling good. 



Ana Fraser grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and understands the value of hard work. Starting this business and being her own boss is the dream she works at everyday. She is passionate about women creating their own independence. Her philosophy is, women should be fueling their dreams by building a brand that pays.

She started her Entrepreneurship Journey in 2012 and became a Master Cosmetologist in 2015. She’s always been extremely creative and with the desire to care for others. Her goals are to make you look great and feel better. It’s one thing to look good on the outside, but when you feel great from the inside you’re truly unstoppable to hitting your goals.

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